Maryland Masonic Academy Honor Societies

In addition to providing further Enlightment to Master Masons, the MMA also has 2 Honor Societies for those Master Masons who have exceeded the requirements of the Fellow of the Craft and the Pillar of the Craft courses.

The Hiram Guild

The Hiram Guild is open to all Master Masons.

The requirements to join the Hiram Guild are:

  1. Complete the Fellow of the Craft course.

  2. Complete Part 1 (Online) of the Pillar of the Craft course.

  3. Instead of completing Part 2 (Arch Presentation), you must write a research paper on the 7 Liberal Arts and Sciences.

    1. This paper must be between 1200 and 1500 words.

    2. You will be assigned a Mentor to assist in writing this paper.

  4. You must complete the Acts of Service requirement.

    1. This requires a Master Mason to volunteer in his community for a total of 3 hours per week for 3 years (this time requirement is to mirror the time required for a Master Mason to work his way towards becoming a Worshipful Master).

    2. This is not a one-time volunteer project. It is intended to be done over an amount of time. It is not intended that the beginning of the community service hours begin once you enroll in the Maryland Masonic could have already been doing community service which can count towards those hours (ask your Mentor for guidance in this requirement).

      1. Some examples of community service would be volunteering at a homeless shelter, working at a animal shelter, being a leader of a Scout troop, helping at your place of worship, helping at Boys and Girls Club..........we all give back in many different ways.........

Once you have completed the requirements for membership into the Hiram Guild, there is a $100 induction fee. This fee pays for your induction dinner, jewel, and high quality Membership Certificate!

*please note that since the Arch Presentation is not required for membership into the Hiram Guild, you WILL NOT receive your Pillar of the Craft course unless you do the Arch Presentation even though you will be in the Hiram Guild.

King Solomon Society

This Honor Society is open to those Master Masons who are Past Masters.

*Remember that after sitting in the East for a full year, you are then considered a Past Master so if you are starting a second year in the still qualify as a Past Master even if your successor has not yet been duly elected and installed!

The requirements to join the King Solomon Society are:

  1. Completion of the Fellow of the Craft Course.

  2. Completion of the Pillar of the Craft Course (Parts 1 AND 2)

  3. Preside as a Worshipful Master for one full year.

The induction fee for King Solomon Society is $150. This fee pays for your induction dinner, jewel, and beautiful Membership Certificate!