Maryland Masonic Academy

Furthering Light in Masonry

What is the Maryland Masonic Academy?

An organization dedicated to helping Master Masons achieve further light in Masonry........

Think of the Academy like a college........the Academy offers courses in which you enroll.  Upon completion of these courses, you earn your "degree."  

Why should I enroll?

Many Masons enroll in the Maryland Masonic Academy (MMA) for various reasons.  Here are 3 examples:

What are the Courses?

The Academy offers two different online courses: The Fellow of the Craft (1) and The Pillar of the Craft (2).

Where do I Enroll?

These courses are available through the Maryland Masonic Membership Portal.  You MUST have your Master Mason Proficiency entered in the Portal by the Lodge Secretary before you can enroll! Check out the Resources page for more information on how to enter in the Master Mason Proficiency into the portal.

What are the Prerequisites?

You must be a Master Mason who has completed your Catechism AND it must be entered into the GLMD Masonic Membership Portal by your lodge Secretary before you can enroll.

What do I get upon completion?

Upon completion of each course, you will receive a Certifcate of Completion (presented at your lodge or which can be picked up at Grand Lodge).  Both certificates are professionally designed and printed and will be the center-of-attention when framed and hung in your study.